Certificate Program in Association Management

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Engaging. Relevant. Streamlined.
Engaging. Relevant. Streamlined.
Connected. Essential. Interactive.
Connected. Essential. Interactive.

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Take advantage of the latest way to access high-quality ASAE University content— license the content for the new Certificate Program in Association Management.

This new model, available for domestic and global audiences, gives you the opportunity to share association competencies with those who have fewer than five years of experience in association management in a streamlined and affordable way.

Licensees will receive everything needed to educate staff with association fundamentals.

View the Licensing Terms. Contact Anne Blouin at 202.326.9546 or ablouin@asaecenter.org for Licensing content within the U.S. or Greta Kotler at +1-202.326.9506 or gkotler@asaecenter.org for Licensing content internationally.

"Yes, association management is a true career-path, even though most of us working in the field never went to school with this in mind. From the very first day of the first course, the session attendees begin to understand the huge umbrella that encompasses member-based associations.” – Sue Pine, CAE, director of educational services, Association Headquarters, Inc.

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